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The biggest disadvantage seen with enrolling into classroom training is the limited flexibility. If you have to move from that part of city, you have no option but to discontinue the course and enroll again in new city. Given the cost already spent and having to restart again under new guidance can get frustrating. Online training let you access the same guidance and content from any place.
Online training also cut the unnecessary cost associated with moving to new city for training as is the case with traditional classroom studies. Even if within same city, it still saves the time and money spent in travelling to the training site on a daily basis, which already exhaust commuters of the energy, they rather prefer to spend in classes, outcome being yawning , struggling students. Online training facilitates time management & let you plan the schedule in a manner that you can join the class fresh.
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The multi point access, cost cut, flexibility of time are some of inviting features of online training and the reason online training is now emerging as most preferred method to acquire training among the masses. Needless to say, it is highly preferred among those who wish to get trained alongside continuing with their jobs.

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