This course on Developing Web Applications using PHP is designed to provide a learner the necessary skills to develop interactive Web applications. The course starts with an introduction to the Web application architecture and technologies and configuration of the PHP environment. It also covers details about how to create a PHP script. It also explains the learner about how to retrieve and validate form data. In addition, it describes how to work with files in PHP. Then, it enables the learner to improve the performance of Web applications through cookies, sessions, caching, and buffering. Further, the course discusses about how to implement object-oriented features in PHP applications and explains about how to manage data stored in a database using MySQL API and PDO. It also provides an extensive coverage of each concept with case-based scenarios. Further, the course provides adequate skills to the learner to develop interactive, secure, and distributed Web applications.

Duration of the program: 100 hours.

Table of Contents:

  • HTML Tags / Body tag
  • Tables, Stylesheets and Lists
  • Forms, iframes and Script
  • PHP and MySQL Programming.
  • Server Side scripting Basics
  • Variables and Operators
  • Decision Making statements
  • Loops /Arrays /Strings
  • Web concepts
  • Validating HTML forms
  • File Handling
  • Functions /Cookies /sessions /Mail
  • Error Handling
  • Filters
  • MySQL & PHP / PHP & XML / PHP & AJAX
  • JavaScript Basics
  • Variables , operators, and functions
  • Decision Making /Loops
  • Event handling and validations
  • Publishing the Website